December 20, 2006
Cary, NC

Hopewell Wins State Fuel Cell Championship

Hopewell Academy announces today that the school won the State Championship in the Fuel Cell Hill Climb at the Third Annual NC High School Fuel Cell Competition, and set a new World Record. The event was held on December 9, 2006, at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham, NC.  Over 13 public and private schools entered the competition including  a school that had just returned from the international championships in Hawaii.  Hopewell students entered the competition for the first time and took home the First Place trophy.

Earlier this year, Hopewell's  Earth/Environmental science class won a grant from "Students Fueling the Future:  An Educational Program Sponsored by the North Carolina State Energy Office."   Students Fueling the Future is a unique educational program that encourages students to use their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills while engaging in hands-on projects. The grant enabled Hopewell students  to obtain parts to build two types of alternatively powered cars and enter the competition.  The first car was a speed and distance car, and the second car was a Hill Climb car.  Both cars teach fundamentals of renewable energy using Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology (in which the car is powered through a conversion of water into energy).
The Hill Climb Car Team consisted of Christopher Conway, Alexander Filosa, Alexander Gabriel, and Jacob Potts. Their car won First Place by exceeding the design standards, beating all the other teams entered during a series of elimination events, and setting a new international competition record.  Hopewell's car achieved the greatest angle of climb of any car ever designed in the Hill Climb National or International Competition Events.  Team Captain Chris Conway lead the team through the last 3 months of design and practice. Conway said, "The car was designed to have an exceptional amount of torque and this allowed the car to climb a greater incline with ease. At the greater angle we also had just the right amount of traction."

"This is the first year Hopewell has offered or taught this class and we are thrilled for our students.  They clearly understand the mechanics and physics involved in this project," said Cecilia Gabriel, school founder. "The team brought home the school's first trophy which is proudly displayed in our Lobby." 

Hopewell Academy is a 2 year old private school located in Weston, Cary, North Carolina.  Hopewell  is the Triangle's first choice for a college preparatory, personalized learning environment serving students in Grades 4 - 12 in a small school setting.  Hopewell hosts open houses monthy at the school and is actively enrolling for 2007-2008.  Selected spaces remain in specific grades for the 2006-2007 year as well.

Media Inquiries:  Cecilia Gabriel or Leigh Mullins, 919.607.6339


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