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Hopewell Adds Lower School to Meet Demand



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(919) 673-9591                                                                                                     January 5, 2006


Hopewell Academy announces today that it will expand by adding a Lower School to serve students in Grades 4 – 12.  


“Hopewell’s brisk growth is an indication of the success of our program in just a few months.  Today we have siblings across multiple grade levels attending Hopewell,” said Cecilia Gabriel, founder of the new school.  Hopewell opened last fall with students in Grades 9 and 10 and today announces its expansion by adding a Lower School.


Both the Lower School and the High School will maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio in order to meet the needs of all students who want to attend a small school.  The new school will admit a wide range of students including accelerated and gifted students or those with learning differences such as AD/HD. 


Parents who are seeking a unique approach to learning for their son or daughter should know about this new option.  The school will provide small classroom settings that it has become known for, as well as the personalized curriculum.


“Students and their parents love our project centered curriculum as well as its emphasis on improving skills in each students.  We see many students who are strong in one area and weak in others.  Plus many bright students do not flourish in traditional school settings,” said Gabriel. 


Hopewell Academy is located off Cary Parkway at 1001 Sheldon Drive in Cary, North Carolina.  The location is conveniently located near I 40 and Harrison to serve students in the Triangle.  Hopewell opened on August 25 and operates on a traditional student calendar.  Open Houses are scheduled monthly.  Family tours are also available by personal appointment.   For applications or additional information, call the Director of Admissions at 919-607-6339 or 919-677-9444 or view their website at


Media tours at the new school location and interviews are available upon request. 

Media inquiries:  Contact Anita Blomme at 919-673-9591

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