Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Accredited?

Yes. Since 2004, our academic program has been fully accredited by AdvancEd and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). Hopewell is licensed by the State of North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction. Hopewell Academy is annually inspected by the State of North Carolina, the Town of Cary, and Wake County.

How do Hopewell students do on standardized tests?

Over the past several years, Hopewell Academy has used the Iowa Test of Basic Skills to measure each students performance in Reading, Language, Math, Social Studies, and Science in April of each year. Each year, our students do spectacularly, scoring at least one grade level equivalent above their current grade and often 3 or more. Students in high school exceed grade levels in all grades.

When does Hopewell accept new International Students?

International students are admitted throughout the year, however, August and January are most typical. Since 2012 Hopewell Academy has been certified and authorized by the Department of Homeland Security, Student and Exchange Visitor Program to accept international students. Hopewell has issued documents leading to F-1 and E-3 visas. For others please inquire.

What is your Curriculum?

Hopewell Academy follows the standards for the State of North Carolina. Hopewell Academy’s Upper or High School consists of a four-year sequence of core classes in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. In addition to the core academic program, there are art and technology classes, as well as varied elective opportunities. See our Academic Departments pages. High school students enroll in honors and advanced courses in English, Sciences, and Mathematics.

What kind of training does your faculty have?

All members of the Hopewell Faculty are experienced, Highly Qualified teachers who are licensed to teach in North Carolina or from states with reciprocal licenses. Many of our teachers have Master’s degrees and multiple years of experience in middle and high school settings. Most have specialized training or experience as well.

What do the students wear?

Hopewell Academy has a dress code. Students are asked to wear clothing that is appropriate for an active learning environment. Clothing may not be a distraction to the learning of another student or a guest at our school.

Is this a military school or religious school?

No. Hopewell is an independent school, is not affiliated with any other organization.

Are you a non profit school?

Yes, Hopewell Academy is a not for profit school and classified as a public charity by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Donations made to Hopewell Academy may be tax deductible. Please consult your accountant and consider us in your donation plans.

What happens to tuition dollars?

Every dollar spent in tuition goes directly to fund the academic programs at Hopewell Academy. Thanks to our strong community, we raise additional funds annually through fundraising and donations.

How diverse is the student body at Hopewell Academy?

Diversity is important to us and we work to achieve a balance among all groups. Hopewell does not discriminate on the basis of any personal differences. Throughout the years we have welcomed international students who come from varied foreign countries including China, Vietnam, Russia, UK, Canada, and Kenya. Some come for one year; many stay to graduate with us. All of our lives are enriched by diversity from across the street and across the world.

What are the class sizes?

One strength of our program is the small class size. As a result, students are able to receive more attention in the classroom, develop a relationship with teachers throughout the school, form lasting friendships, and travel on field trips more frequently than their peers in a large school.

Is extra help available for students?

In addition to the small class size, students requiring some resource help in their current school setting can receive after school help. Our teachers are also available via email.

What kind of field trips do you have?

Hopewell students have participated in numerous field trips throughout the years. Along with academic field trips to museums, outdoor excursions for scientific observations, or visiting historic sites and cities. High school students visit numerous colleges and universities in North Carolina to give them a sense of the vast number of options for continuing their education after Hopewell. And, depending on the year, high school students may travel together for fun such as mountain skiing or the beach. It is the faculty’s goal that every class should experience life outside Hopewell quarterly to bridge the gap between academics and life.

What kind of after school programs do you have?

Students can participate in after school sports such as soccer, basketball and ultimate Frisbee. Students also participate in robotics, Science Olympiad and the chess club.

What are the school hours? When does the school day start?

The school hours are 8:30 AM to 3:15 PM for all grades. The building opens at 8:00 AM daily. Summer hours vary.

When does the school year start?

Typically the school year starts around the third week of August and continues until the end of the second week of June. This varies slightly each year. Hopewell Academy does not follow the public school calendar but major holidays do coincide.

What kind of a calendar do you have?

Hopewell operates on a traditional calendar with two semesters made up of a total of four quarters per year.