Social Studies - Hopewell Academy

Hopewell Academy Social Studies

Hopewell Academy follows North Carolina Standards for Social Studies classes, with additional options for students who excel. Our goal is to nurture informed, responsible, ethical citizens who are capable of understanding the world and their role in it. Hopewell Academy has in place an integrated curriculum that grows in complexity and depth from middle school to high school. Students in Social Studies courses will understand that a thoughtful, complex examination of the past allows one to think critically about the ever-changing present. Students in Social Studies should be able to develop empathy with people in other places and times, discover similarities and differences among cultures past and present, and apply the methods and theories of the discipline effectively. Students will also develop analytical research skills as they learn to gather, interpret, and present evidence. Hopewell engages in multiple modes of instruction that encourages the active learner to become independent, work effectively in a group environment and build confidence in their academic achievements.

Middle School Courses

  • 6th Grade, World Cultures
  • 7th Grade, Ancient World Civilizations
  • 8th Grade, U.S. History and Government

High School Courses

  • U.S. History
  • World History: Ancient Civilizations Through the Middle Ages
  • World History: Medieval and the Dawn of the Renaissance of Western Europe, China, and Japan
  • Modern World History: World War II and the Cold War
  • Modern World History: Contemporary Issues
  • Government in the United States
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Psychology
  • AP US History