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Hopewell Academy Scholarship Information

Please consider the following sites to help you look for scholarships that could help you:


Chegg, formerly known as Zinch, is a college students one-stop-shop for scholarships that are creative, easy and fun to apply for and win. To apply for scholarships via Chegg, you’ll have to create a username and profile that will help the site find scholarships that are specifically relevant to you


Fastweb is another terrific, free resource where you’ll find thousands of scholarships at your fingertips. Not only does Fastweb offer a massive database of monetary awards, but it also features helpful career planning services and learning tools for its registered user

Scholarship Points

You know how you always seem to receive a new, complimentary gift after so many purchases at that favorite store of yours? ScholarshipPoints works the same way! Well, kind of. The site’s users rack up points through a rewards system, making them eligible for different scholarships according to how many points they have earned. Members can earn points through fun, day-to-day activities like reading blogs, taking quizzes and playing online games


Make a Cappex account to help narrow down your college search, as well as finding scholarships, both before and during college. The site is still helpful during our undergrad years, offering ample scholarship opportunities and financial advice. Once you’re undergrads, Cappex graciously bumps students up up to “College Pro” status, where we’ll be eligible to apply for a $2,500 College Pro exclusive scholarship.

Scholarships is a wonderful resource for college students who aspire to kill two birds with one stone—the site finds both scholarships and colleges that are perfect for you! If you’re looking to transfer to a school that is dying to recruit you and offer you scholarships, this is the site to visit. The site allows you to pinpoint specific scholarships by your major, year in school and location, increasing your chances for receiving awards and saving you tons of time.