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Healthful Living


In the 21st Century, the importance and value of quality physical education and personal fitness is being recognized as never before. Hopewell Academy affords students a chance to study the theoretical and practical facets of whole-body wellness. Students will explore material in nutrition, mental health, family dynamics, social situations, health advertising, reproduction, and physical fitness following a North Carolina Standards-Based curriculum. Students will use cross-curricular skills to research, develop, and present individual and small-group projects that display the mastery of the subject matter as well as the ability to utilize technology and perform in front of peers. Hopewell affords its students the opportunity to develop intra- and interpersonal skills and awareness through physical activity in a small group setting. Activities from all the over the world give our students multi-cultural connections that help them to understand where well-known sports come from and how they have evolved.

Courses We Offer

  1. Healthful Living—Middle School
  2. Healthful Living—High School

Physical Education Electives

  1. Fitness 1
  2. Fitness 2