Graduation Requirements - Hopewell Academy

High School Graduation Requirements

Hopewell Academy prepares students for success at four year universities. At Hopewell, students acquire and maintain a life-long love of learning. Our faculty develops each student into a confident, well-rounded and self-sufficient young adult. Hopewell’s graduation requirements exceed the minimums required by the State of North Carolina. It is our task to ensure that each student who graduates from Hopewell Academy will do so with all of the tools necessary to succeed, as well as the passion and drive to accomplish their goals and desires.

  • English I, II, III, IV
  • 4 Credits of High School Math, including one credit beyond Algebra II (we offer up to AP Calculus and beyond)
  • 4 Credits of High School Social Studies
  • 4 Credits of High School Sciences including a laboratory science class
  • 2-4 Credits of Foreign Language
  • Physical Education / Health and Nutrition
  • Electives
  • Resulting in 24 or more credits in specific courses.

Middle School Promotion Requirements

Middle School students must complete 3 years each of Language Arts, Sciences, Mathematics, and Social Studies, 3 years of Physical Education and electives to complete 18-20 credits.