Electives - Hopewell Academy


Hopewell Academy offers a rotating selection of electives to ensure that all students become well-rounded individuals who find a passion for life-long learning in a multitude of different subjects. Electives vary seasonally, annually, and by semester. The list below represents possibilities; each is not offered every year. Those with an asterisk are available to high schools students only. Students and families are welcome to submit ideas for future electives.

  • Fitness I and II
  • Science Olympiad*
  • Yearbook*
  • Journalism*
  • Creative Writing*
  • Writing and Speaking Performance*
  • Book Analysis Through Discussion*
  • Survey of Advanced Placement Novels*
  • World Survey of Writers Through the Ages*
  • Historical Reading Survey*
  • Writing Across Literary Genres*
  • Poetry*
  • Introduction to Art
  • Art II
  • Visual Arts I and II*
  • Chess
  • Spanish A
  • Spanish B
  • Exploring Chinese Culture and Language
  • Technology and Computer Science
  • Computer Science Principles*
  • AP Computer Science*
  • AP Computer Science Principles*