Apply Now

Thank you for considering Hopewell Academy. To complete the application process, students must:
  1. Complete the application form – online, or by hand using this PDF.
  2. Participate in an interview with one of our Admissions staff members.
  3. Submit standardized test scores – For high school applications, we prefer PSAT, SAT, ACT, SSAT or TOEFL (for international students). For middle school applicants we prefer EOG, ERB or Iowa test scores.
  4. Schedule a visit to campus, if your family is local.
  5. Pay a $30 application fee, accepted when the application is submitted. You may submit a fee waiver request for financial reasons by email admissions@hopewellacademy.org

The Admissions committee will review each application and return a decision as soon as possible. Hopewell Academy is a rolling admissions process.

For Applicants:

  1. Please take your time to fill out this application. It may take up to 1 hour to submit this application.
  2. There are two essays required for each applicant. Please complete these essays on your own.
  3. There is a section for teacher recommendations.
    For domestic applicants: Hopewell Requires each applicant to submit an English/LA Recommendation and a Math Recommendation.
    For international applicants: Hopewell requires each applicant to submit an English Recommendation, a Math Recommendation, and a School Administrator Recommendation.
    Hopewell Academy retains the right to request further recommendations, if necessary.
    Attached below are the PDFs of each Recommendation Form, along with a Records Request Form.

Recommendation & Records Request Forms

English Recommendation

Math Recommendation

School Administrator Recommendation

Records Request